Wallsome Frequently Asked Questions

 Are you curious about making your space more awesome? At Wallsome, our team prides itself on excellent service and we’ve got answers for your questions. We put together this list of common curiosities, but if something you need isn’t here feel free to contact us. We enjoy interacting with customers and your 100% satisfaction is our #1 goal.

 Let us help you to create a personalized awesome Wallsome experience to fit your room, your personality, and your style.


Installation and Removal


Q: Are Wallsome Graphics printed on paper?


A: Wallsome graphics are printed on a durable, breathable material. When applied properly, your graphic will not tear, crease, or bubble once on your wall. This material is also removable, reusable, and non-destructive to the mural or wall.


Q: To what types of surfaces can my graphic be applied?


A: We recommend flat, level surfaces, such as walls, ceilings, doors, and windows (without inferior, loose or pealing paint) that have been properly cleaned first with water (no need for soap or chemicals). Brick or surfaces with too much texture should be avoided. Cleaning your wall prior to installation is key to making your mural last for years.


Q: Can I install my Wallsome in a kitchen, bathroom or humid area?


A: Yes, Wallsome Murals adhere to walls equally well in high-moisture and dry areas. Make sure that the wall is completely dry or free from any moisture or dust prior to installation.


Q: Are Wallsome Graphics waterproof?


A: While we use very high-quality water- and weather-resistant ink, there have been some rare instances where water causes the ink to smudge, fade, or run slightly. This is especially true when a graphic is wiped or scrubbed while wet. Other times, we find that if a graphic is wet but left to dry on its own without wiping or scrubbing, the ink and brilliance are not compromised. Discretion is advised as Wallsome graphics are intended for interior use. 


Q: How can I clean my wall mural?


A: It’s very easy to keep your Wallsome mural looking great. Simply use a damp cloth with water. Please do not use chemicals or soap to clean your mural as it could cause damage to your mural.


Q: Is there a way to protect my Wallsome Art from dirt or scratches?


A: Yes, Wallsome murals can come with an added layer of protection in the form of a laminate covering. Please contact us for pricing and information. Full wall murals already come with this special layer of protection.


Q: What materials do I need for installing my Wallsome Mural?


A: Our quick and easy How-to guide, A measuring tape, scissors or a utility knife, possibly a ladder and a friend or helper.


Q: How should I apply my graphic? Will I need professional help?


A: Most of our wall murals can be installed by one or two people. Our quick and easy How-to guide included in every Wallsome package will show you how to apply your graphic in minutes. Starting with a clean, dry wall, align your graphic with it. With the end of the graphic that is closest to you, slowly begin peeling away the white backing paper, gently smoothing out any creases or air bubbles as you go along. For graphics that are longer than 3 feet (36 inches) on the longest side, you should have a friend's help. Depending on how large your graphic is, installation may take longer.


Q: I would prefer to hire a professional to hang my mural, can you find someone to help me?


A: Yes, please contact us at info@wallsome.net. We can either provide installation services ourselves or direct you to listings for the Wall Covering Installers Association in your area.


Q: How do I remove my Wallsome Wall Graphic?


 A: The removal process is easy. Just peel your mural off the wall and place it flat on the backing paper you saved from the original installation. Make sure to keep the adhesive side free of dirt and dust from your fingers especially at the corners and edges of your mural.

Q: What is the best way to save my Wallsome for re-use?


A: Each Wallsome is shipped with a wax-coated backing paper – the same as what's found on the sticky side of stickers. Please keep this paper. It will protect the adhesive side of your graphic from dirt, dust, hair and other fibers. After your graphic has been put back onto its paper, gently roll it up and store in a cool, dry place. When you are ready to re-apply your graphic, simply follow our quick and easy How-to guide. For best results, re-install immediately, more extended storage time can shorten your mural’s lifespan.


 Q: My walls have recently been painted. Can I still apply my Creative Wall Graphic?


A: Please wait 30 days after new painting before installing a Wallsome Mural to avoid any cracking or peeling of the paint.


Q: What if I measure incorrectly?


A: It is the customer’s responsibility to provide Wallsome with accurate measurements. Please always double check your measurements before you place an order. If the miscalculation is small, you may be able to cut excess material once the mural is installed. Never pre-trim your mural prior to installation.


Custom Murals


Q: What are your customization options?


A: You are only limited by your imagination. We are constantly updating our customization options on our website. If you have something in mind you would like to create, feel free to e-mail us with your specific request at info@wallsome.net.


Q: I want a graphic that will cover an entire wall. Will the image quality change at such a large size?


A: Awesome. Let’s do it! At Wallsome we ensure that the image files we print from are suitable for graphics of any size. If we detect any issues with your image during the production or post-production process, we will find a solution that does not include a grainy or pixelated graphic.


Q: What is the largest size a graphic can be printed?


A: Wallsome offers recommended sizes on our website for each graphic's webpage. If you are interested in something larger than what is shown, please contact us directly at info@wallsome.net. If your desired graphic is greater than 58 inches on BOTH sides, length and width, it will be printed on 2 or more separate panels.


Q: Can Wallsome murals come in a grey scale, black & white or sepia tone finish?


A: Yes, every Wallsome murals is customizable. Our team of talented graphic designers can help you make an image greyscale, black and white, or sepia. No problem.


Q: How do I upload my own image?


A: Wallsome’s website will allow you to upload any JPEG image. If you have any difficulty, please contact us for assistance.


Q: How do I make sure my image is high enough quality?


A: We review each uploaded image to ensure your Wallsome will be awesome. If there is a problem with your image we will contact you.


Q: What size picture works best for uploading? How many megapixels?


A: We recommend using a digital camera with a minimum of 8 megapixels set at the highest pixel setting. Enlarge your images on your screen to make sure they meet your approval and are not distorted or pixilated. The ideal image would be high resolution 300 dpi. 


Q: What file format do you accept?


A: We accept JPEG, EPS and PDF images at this time. For files larger than 60mb please contact us directly at info@wallsome.net

 Q: Can I use an image found on the Internet?


A: If you have permission from the copyright holder you may use the image. However, often times the resolution of images found on the internet will not be good enough quality to create a Wallsome Mural. Check the image to be sure that it is 300 dpi or greater.


Q: Can I write on my Wallsome Wall Mural?


A: Absolutely! It should be noted, however, that any writing cannot be erased or otherwise undone.


Q: I can’t wait to own a Wallsome Wall Mural, I just need a little help deciding which one?


A: Wallsome is here to help you. Send us photos of your home or room so we can work together to create a unique, one-of-a-kind wall mural that expresses exactly who you are. We offer live chat on the website or feel free to email us directly at info@wallsome.net.

Q: Do you offer design services to create a custom Wallsome?


A: Of Course! We have a talented group of designers that are here to help you. Our rate is $75/hour and we would be happy to give you an accurate quote on how much time it would take to complete your project.


Pricing / Shipping


Q: How much is shipping?


A: Shipping is calculated at the time of check out. We often run promotions for free shipping so make sure you are on our mailing list.

Q: What method of payment does Wallsome accept?


A: We accept most major credit cards and Paypal.


Q: How secure is my payment information?


A: We take security very serious. We protect your personal information very carefully and don’t sell or share our customers’ data with anyone. Wallsome ensures that we never sell or rent our customers data.

Q: How long will it take to receive my Wallsome.


A: Please allow 5-10 business days with standard shipping service.

Most orders are shipped within 2-5 days of receiving the order. If you do not receive your Wallsome after 14 days from order confirmation, feel free to contact us info@wallsome.net.


Q: Will I receive a shipping confirmation for my order?


A: Yes, you will receive an email confirmation once you place an order. When your order ships, you will then receive a second email with a tracking number to monitor your delivery status.


Photographers / Illustrators/ Interior Designers and Builders


Q: Where do you find images for Wallsome?


A: We search high and low find the best images that provide our customers with beautiful visual content. We also like to build partnerships with creative artists and display their works of art in the “Premium” section of the website. If you would like to become a partner or have a suggestion for an artist please contact our Creative Director, via e-mail at info@wallsome.net.


Q: How do I become a Wallsome.net Partner?


A: For information on how to become one of our partners, please contact our Creative Director via email at info@wallsome.net


Contact Info / Return Policy


Q: How do I contact Wallsome?


A: There are several ways to contact us. Contact us by clicking on our Live Chat icon, via e-mail at info@Wallsome.net or toll free at 1-844-700-6400 Monday – Friday between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm EST.


Q: What is your return policy?


A: We want to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your Wallsome. If for any reason your product is damaged upon arrival, we will happily replace the merchandise. The benefit of Wallsome is that you get to choice your style and design. We encourage our customers to use the visual samples that you are shown during the art selection process to make sure that you are happy with the design that you chose. While we are unable to take back items because of personal style choice changes we will gladly exchange any merchandise that was damaged in the process of traveling to you. We have a top notch quality team and each Wallsome is thoroughly checked and personally anointed by our production team before we send it off to you. These guys are serious perfectionist’s!